Beta Release Date

Our Beta Signup program will be released this coming Monday, December 14 21, at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Be ready! 🙂

A few technical details: there will be three applications, one for Mac, one for Windows, and one for either platform. The former two will be standalone executables but very large (the Mac one we know is upwards of 28 Mb) so if you’re absolutely set on being one of the first to sign up for Beta, we’d recommend going with the Python one, since it is smaller and will download more quickly. It will require some version of Python 2 (NOT 3) and each of the following Python modules: wx, wx.richtext, wx.wizard, os, cStringIO, base64, tempfile, subprocess, platform, re, urllib2, urllib.

In response to some of the comments, the programs we will distribute on Monday are only signup programs. Beta itself will come later, and we will invite users to it in chunks in order of signup. The actual Beta program (to be released later) will be distributed for use with an existing copy of URU.