Beta Again

Well, we kind of hoped that allowing beta signups to go through only for a limited time would raise hype and that people would sign up for beta like, as soon as they could.

Turns out that wasn’t the case. Despite our weirdly gigantic spikes in unique visitor counts each time we posted something containing the word “beta,” we only got around ten beta testing applications.

So! We’ve decided to re-open the beta test signup process until we get more beta signups than we know what to do with (note: this doesn’t mean we won’t be checking for quality in your application). At our previous rate of beta signup, that would’ve happened around year 2121, so let’s hope we get some more signups quicker this time. 😉 Beta is officially open again!

Here is the signup page. If you find out who we are (not that hard) please don’t tell anyone. Thanks!