Help Wanted!

Are you any good with Blender/Maya/3DS/Other 3D Modeling Program? Do you have experience in programming, particularly in Python, particularly in Blender? Do you pride yourself on your texture-creation abilities? Do you have a deep and undying love for Riven? Then we want your help!

We are (as always) seeking out new souls to join our little project. If you’re interested, send an email to and let us know what you’re good at.

Here are some skills we’re looking for in particular:

  • Scripter
    • Python (bonus points for Blender, Twisted or wxPython)
    • PHP
    • C coder (we’ve got one project for ya!)
  • Character artist
  • Character animator
  • Blender artist
  • Graphical artist (icons, logos, etc.)
  • Sound expert
  • Audio asset tracker (lots of spreadsheet work and going through riven, recognizing sounds)

Please note that we are looking for passionate, dedicated people. You may not have all the time in the world, but you can make the time that you do have worthwhile. Please don’t apply if you aren’t serious about this.

– Cho

(Note: “beta tester” isn’t a team member position, don’t even think about it!)