Catching Up

Hey there, long time no see!

Lately the project has been radio silent, as often happens between Mysteria.

We like making a splash at Mysterium, so in the past our strategy has always been to save up the big news and content for our presentations. Our logic has been that if we’ve already shared all the stuff we have, there will be nothing left for us to present at the convention. That said, it’s become clear that we’ve taken this too far recently, having posted practically nothing during the 362¼ days that are not Mysterium.

With that in mind, we want to include you guys in our development process more than we have in the past. We want to return this website to what it was intended to be: a place for us to share screenshots of what we’re up to, explain our thinking on certain issues we’ve been grappling with, and that sort of thing. We’ll still save some surprises for Mysterium, of course, but we intend to crack the floodgates of information a bit between now and then.

So stick around, and expect more from us in the coming weeks!