Render XXV

Render XXV

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  • ThedStranger Says:

    You know I’m getting really excited about this thing. Now when you moved to a different game engine, you won’t have any problems with Cyan Worlds? also, when will we get to play some version of it? demo? beta?

  • Christian Walther Says:

    Will you get into the details later? I was looking forward to exploring Riven with others… will BGE allow that?

    That said, this looks great! Does BGE supply its own water or are you recreating Plasma wavesets?

    • Cho Says:

      There were a number of reasons; Plasma was rather tedious to work with and current URU game-building tools are not quite flexible enough to make the game the quality we wanted it to be. Perhaps (an)other project(/s) will someday form in an effort to either convert this project’s product to a Plasma-compatible one, or to add multiplayer functionality to the BGE version. As it stands, we have no plans at this time to add multiplayer functionality.
      The reasons for this, as well, are numerous; there are a lot of logistical and canonical problems that arise when incorporating either avatars or multiple players. There are lots of situations where Player A might become stranded (e.g. if Player B decides to ride away on the submarine while Player A is in the schoolhouse) or where the presence of two people simply wouldn’t make sense (Gehn’s prison). In essence, multiplayer functionality would be merely a very complex easter egg, as it does not integrate well with the story or the gameplay. There are of course, clever-but-uncanonical solutions to these problems (a warp-me-to-home button perhaps) but we feel that these should be the goals of other projects and not this one.

    • Cho Says:

      We hope soon to incorporate an amazing water shader we found.

  • cho102997 Says:

    Oh and as for details: If only you could see the view if you rotate the camera 180°! ;D

  • wise_dude321 Says:

    Very nice, but wasn’t the water in Riven more of a teal? With lot’s of foam?

    But still, brilliant shot, and I can’t wait for a render of the place behind it!

  • Mogwaii - Slump Virus Says:

    Not my project, but I hope to see everything well shaped, nothing can have less polygons than it did in Riven. And texture things very deeply! Every Myst thing by Cyan is rich in texture. Did I mention sound is very important too? How ’bout making the sound better quality than it used to be. Anyway, Great Work!

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