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  • Stefanos Says:

    This is great work. Thumbs up!

  • Zenoc2 Says:

    Wonderful work, guys. It’s great that you’ve managed to keep the detail high and the number of polygons relatively low.

  • amfomy Says:

    The model looks smashing; I cant wait!
    I noticed the metal texture used for the railings aren’t particularly high, will these be updated for those who do have access to better video cards?

  • Nintendo Maniac 64 Says:

    Don’t forget that, in time, low end graphics cards will become more capable. Even a lowly Radeon 5670 will match the legendary GeForce 8800GT!

  • Vincent Says:

    It is an amazing work. However the boiler looks like a computer-designed boiler, while in Riven all the textures looks very natural and someone who didn’t know it was actually a game would mistake it for a real-life photography.

  • Tanshin Says:

    Considering the difference between this and realMYST, I think this looks far more photo-realistic than anything we’ve seen thus far.

  • Arne Says:

    Sorry to everybody, i changed my mind.
    Boiler looks awesome. If you need help
    for the project i will stay at your side.


  • Vincent Says:

    I wonder if it will look even more photo-realistic with the new “Unity” engine ?

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