Mysterium 2011 PowerPoint

Some of you might already know this, but one of the 59 volters gave a surprise presentation at the DutchMystCommunity gathering this weekend. It was quite a success, and we’re working on getting some footage of the event.

In the meantime, there have been some requests, from both english-speaking and Dutch communities, for downloadable Powerpoint slideshows, so you can all relive the magic of being at a Myst gathering this year. Here they are!

(These should both work whether or not you have PowerPoint installed. If not, let us know and we’ll do our best to fix them up for you)

These are for personal enjoyment only, if you’d like to present either of these at some kind of a gathering (like Mysterium or DutchMystCommunity), please let us know first.

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  • Ahlisendar Says:

    Wow, an update two days after the last… you guys are on a roll! 😀

  • Ahlisendar Says:

    I like how you added two extra slides in case they ask about beta. Funny.
    By the way, when is Beta coming?

  • John D Says:

    Still Tweeting for donations for you guys – don’t know how effective it is but fingers crossed that it’s making some impact. Over 93% though – that’s impressive…

  • amfomy Says:

    there’s an embedded video there that doesnt work. any chance of uploading it to vimeo? it looks like prison island at night!!!!!!

  • MarcelBOFH Says:

    Was lucky enough to be present at above presentation. Never had any doubts if RealRiven would ever happen, it was more like… when?
    Good presentation, and though development is still early, the attention to detail was impressive.
    Nice job so far guys, donate button was used here aswell.
    Please stay as true to the original as you possibly can guys.
    Not that I have any reason to doubt.
    Will be following this project with great expectations 🙂

  • goatman82197 Says:

    My powerpoint cant open them i have 2003

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