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* A big thank you to Rian Johnson!

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  • Mozalbete Says:

    Glad to see you get just a bit of the popularity you deserve!

  • Graham Says:

    Holy cripes! Rian Johnson?
    If you’re reading this, RJ, thanks!

  • The green butterfly Says:

    Will there be eclipses in Riven? In the opening cutscene from Myst, you look up from within the starry expanse and see the moon moving in front of the sun. After those thirty years, the moon has come closer again to Riven (as I read somewhere on this site), so eclipses will take even longer! From the cutscene, you can easily determine where the moon comes up (temple island-village island (I think)), reaches the zenit(h)-point, and goes down again (survey island-boiler island), AND that the islands are around the equator of the planet because the sun is directly above the starry expanse in the zenit(h)-point. I don’t know if the sun moves too in the cutscene, but if it does move, it’s very hard to see.
    Will it also be possible to play the new Riven like the old version, with the pre-rendered images? I’ve seen that in the released images, the old camera-points-of-view are marked with a camera-symbol, so remaking the images and short videos wouldn’t be too hard.
    The title of this new post reminded me of an older entry where you needed someone who looked like Cho, have you found someone already?
    Sorry for all those question, but I’m a great fan of what you guys are achieving here! Keep on the good work!

    • Philip Says:

      Hello! Unfortunately the answer is “probably not”… we’ve decided to forego a lot of the weather-based effects we’ve considered in the past because they can mess with the gameplay, as well as potentially cause some confusion to first-time players. There’s also a sizable technical hurdle to getting that kind of lighting to work, so it’s off the table for now. I’m not going to say we’ll *never* do it, but it’s just not something we’ve got planned presently. Expect a long and detailed dev blog post as to the exact reasons why in the future sometime. Thanks for the encouragement and for commenting!

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