Voice Over: A Sound Decision

(Editor’s note to the reader: This is a post we published on April 1st! You can do the math. Enjoy!)

Hello everyone! Hollister the audio guy here. Happy Easter!

As many of you know, the question of how to handle the audio in our game has been a hot topic within the team. We’ve gone back and forth about whether or not we want to just use the original audio, or if we should perhaps see about recreating it, as we are doing with the models.

The cutscenes are a great example of this. We could just use the original audio, but since we’re creating new character animations, the old audio, aside from being considerably low-quality, wouldn’t line up perfectly with the new animations.

So, this has been a point of contention within the team for a while, as everyone has different opinions on it. Luckily, I’m a very driven person, so I took the initiative and went ahead and used your incredibly generous donations to hire some equally incredible voice over talent.

I haven’t talked to the team about this yet, but I’m completely sure they’ll be on-board. Now, onto the good stuff! We’ve already recorded some of the cutscenes, and I’m eager to showcase them.

The first one is the cutscene of Ghen’s friend talking to you in the chamber you teleport to:

Next, we have Ghen himself, delivering his monologue about his son, who I presume is Atreus:

Then onto Catherine’s monologue when you kidnap her from Moeity:

And finally, we decided we can’t leave out the fan-favorite of Ghen singing, so we decided to have our very talented actor record that as well:

I hope you enjoyed this presentation. Stay tuned for more audio updates!
I’m so happy to be such a big part of bringing Myst 2 to life!

Take care,

Sound Engineer / Composer, The Starry Expanse Project

April Fool’s!

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  • Peter Weersing Says:

    Wow nice update. Great to see a different, equally important, aspect of this fantastic game. Makes us realise how many details there actually are in Riven that create the perfectly balanced ambiance.
    Will you cast for the in game voices? Jeremy Irons for Ghen for instance? (If only…)

    Thanks for your unstopable effort! Happy Easter!

    • Andross Says:

      I reckon Charles Dance would make a spectacular Ghen, no offence to Mr Irons.

      Can’t for the life of me figure out who will play atrus though… That’s some big shoes to fill.

  • AtrusMystESP Says:

    Hello, for the voices in Spanish I do not know if you could hire the original actors
    Atrus: Juan Antonio Castro
    Catherine: Luisa Ezquerra
    Gehn: Javier Franquelo
    But in the event that you can not ask for volunteers for the voices … by the way, the scene of Catherine hahahaha was great

  • Ben Says:

    Wow amazing. So great to see your continuous devotion to create the perfect experience. It is stunning to hear how close the voices are to the originals and I had to do several side by side comparisons to check if you didn’t just use the original track, but then a tad it of synch.

    Now the game is finally nearing completion, I can’t wait to play it when it is released in October.

  • Andross Says:

    Frankly, I am blown away.

    Although I will say that the acting was no where near as bad as I expected from a video posted on the 1st of April.

  • Flowerpower Says:

    Dang… and I was hoping that singing Gehn would be belting out “Let it Go.” What a missed opportunity! 😉

  • Aloys Says:

    It took me way too long to understand what was going on… Must be a slow sunday morning. Well dome. Gehn’s song was especially great. 🙂

  • John Drake Says:

    Hmmm, ok, much as I applaud this I would just ask why Katran’s voice is male? Or have I missed something obvious? Gehn is very good, very good indeed, a slightly more mature voice would make it better. Cho is good too, you have a very high standard to reach and are well on your way, Katran needs a good female voice though.

  • Jennifer Says:

    Very interesting! Thank you for the update and Happy Easter to you all.

  • Martin Says:

    I think you should go original.

  • Not Catherine Says:

    Catherine sounds a little more masculine than when I last remembered. I guess that’s what happens to you when you’re banished away all these years…

  • James Says:

    We’ve been April fooled!

  • Michael Good Says:

    This has to be a joke right, these voice overs are terrible!

  • Sehrvis Says:

    Oh thank God it’s April 1st…

  • Niccolò Scaringella Says:

    Well… I always supported this project but, maybe because of my nature, always in the middle of art works to preserve or to repair… I think original would be the best choice. Even RealMyst Masterpiece Edition used not only original voices but also original videos (and original 2D frames of brunt books)… It is like to rebuild a vintage car, or better, a sculpture in the Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence.
    This happens to buildings too… The ones we call “in style” buildings are, most of time if not always, surely not as nice as the originals. Like the Parthenon in Nashville.
    Well, I stop myself now, but I go to bed hoping this was just, as we say in Italy, a “Pesce d’Aprile”.

  • Brian fredricks Says:

    As soon as I heard Kermit the frog I knew you were either joking or crazy!

  • IsaWP Says:

    Voice-overs would be fine by me, even if they aren’t as good as the originals (they’ll never be the same, but they could be as good) there are good reasons to record new audio.
    Just a tip for the real voice-overs, in case you didn’t think about it: it usually sounds better when the voice actors mimic the movements of the characters so their voice actually sounds like they’re pulling away a book, or doing stuff when they’re talking.

  • Dustin Gearhart Says:

    I must admit, I was a little surprised…not much though. I got through the first half of Cho’s scene when I realized what was going on. I thought the scene with Katran was hilarious! At first I was like “Now, are they going to do a female voice?” And then when I heard it I started laughing…especially after the patting of her feet as she ran away….LOL. Also, thinking about it, the original voice of Katran was a voice-over, so this was basically a voice-over of a voice-over.

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