Reaching New Heights: Boiler Island Terrain

The Starry Expanse Team would like to congratulate Cyan on the conclusion of their Kickstarter. Well done to all who contributed to make it such a success. What a result!

It’s been a very busy month for us here at the project. We’ve made significant headway on multiple fronts, from several innovations in our development pipeline and review system, to the creation of dozens of new assets and the recent establishment of an exciting new project that we can’t talk about yet (but we promise you’ll love it).

Recent developments in our camera matching pipeline have allowed us to speed up the creation process of one of the trickier aspects of recreating Riven in realtime – the terrain. Here is a video that shows off some of the work our camera matching specialist, Stuart Attenborrow, has been carving away at recently. If you’re a member of our Discord server, you may already have seen some glimpses of this – the latest iteration of Boiler Island’s crater in all its glory.

This month we also had the addition of five (yes, five!) new team members into the Starry Expanse family. Please make them feel welcome!

Andrea Notarstefano, 3D Artist
Daniel King, 3D Artist
Henry Bruce, 3D Artist
Martina Chiletti, 3D Artist
Michael Stokes, 3D Artist/C++ Programmer/Game engine tinkerer

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