A Belated Anniversary Gift

As part of the celebration surrounding the recent success of the Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter, we were delighted to see printable versions of five of the original 3D assets from Myst made available as a community reward. We couldn’t help but join in the fun, and so we reached out to Cyan and offered to match their five models with five of our own.

These iconic Riven models are now available for download alongside Cyan’s on the Myst25 Thingiverse page, and include:

  • Gehn’s Pipe
  • The Wahrk
  • The Fissure Telescope
  • A Moiety Dagger
  • The MagLev

We’re pleased to make these 3D-printable models available to other fans of the series, and we hope you like them!

Huge thanks to Kelly Coston for helping both Cyan and us process, test, and upload the models.

7 Responses to “A Belated Anniversary Gift”.

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  • Josh Says:

    These are great! Thank you!

  • HeadZombie Says:

    Just curious, what 3D printer does everyone use?

  • The Green Butterfly Says:

    Is it possible to add images of the printed products? The models are awesome, but real items are even more awesome!

    Also, some parts of the maglev and especially the one-piece telescope look hard to print with their narrow brims and complex structures, can a 3D-printer really handle it?

  • Tom Says:

    I have a cheapo entry model printer, an Anet A8, but already heavily upgraded with new circuitry and self-printed parts, and more planned.

    Haven’t tried wood or metallic filament yet, but worth a try on that pipe!

    Are the model textures also available?

    • Kelly Coston Says:

      Textures will not be released, no, and you can’t print textures. But you can paint the models! Print the pipe using Hatchbox wood filament, stain the wood part, and use a metallic paint for the metal pieces. 🙂

  • Tom Says:

    Looking at it more closely, I wonder if the pipe couldn’t actually be made into a functional design for a vapouriser (not that I smoke Ytram extract myself, of course…). It seems as if the little metal pod on the front might be a fuel tank (or a fire marble holder?), for a burner in the metal base, which would then heat the underside of the conical chamber and vapourise fluid placed into it via the little cap on the side of the cone.

    Any chance of any more artifact models being made available? Gehn’s rifle would be great, or maybe the writing implements from his desk! Oooh, and his timepiece!

  • Flake Says:

    Happy Xmas everyone

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