Firmament on Kickstarter

We are very excited to share the latest news that Firmament, Cyan World’s latest game project, is now on Kickstarter!

Here at the Starry Expanse Project we’ve been eagerly following this project ever since we saw the teaser trailer in early 2018, and we’ve been speculating all this time on what it could be. Well now we know a little more – an ambitious project that seeks to redefine how we play adventure games in VR, and at the same time provide a great experience for those without a headset. We’re looking forward to hearing more about Firmament in the coming weeks.

We hope you’ll join us in backing such an exciting project. With 17 days left on the clock and with the bar about halfway to their goal, anything could happen!

Head on over to their campaign page and show your support – we know you won’t regret it.

7 Responses to “Firmament on Kickstarter”.

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  • Joël Ronvel-Blaya Says:

    Already backed, but happy you spread the word!

  • Gregory Says:

    I think it would have been wiser for them to join this team to finish making The Starry Expanse instead.

    • HeadZombie Says:

      I Agree Totally!! Who else Agrees?

    • Michael Says:

      No way! As cool as Riven is, I’d much rather have a new game than an old game.

    • Atrur Says:

      Couldn’t disagree more, Gregory! It’s wiser for them to move on and bring us new worlds to explore, new puzzles to solve and new story to be part of; creating a new masterpiece while the dedicated fans at Starry Expanse work on enhancing the existing one.

  • Andross Says:

    Interesting. I I am cautiously excited. I was a little disappointed with Obduction, I thought the story held it back towards the end, so hope this one is a bit more climactic. I am a little concerned that the exterior scenes still lack the realistic graphics of the interior which I thought was also the case with obduction. Hopefully it’s just because its an early build

    • HeadZombie Says:

      I would have to agree with Andross, Obduction was very disappointing for me. I actually didn’t even finish the game. This is why I am hoping that Starry Expanse Project finishes up Riven soon. 🙂

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